Argiles du Bassin Méditerranéen

Argiles du Bassin Méditerranéen
A company founded in 1997

The company

The company Argiles du Bassin Méditerranéen (Mediterranean Basin Clays) was created in 1997 to respond to the strong demand for clays coming from Laboratories. While constituting a primary material, these clays must meet pharmaceutical standards in terms of quality and production controls.

Clays are normally associated with « rudimentary » products due to their presence in plastic clays.
However, when used in manufactured products, rigid controls need to be applied to their selection, transformation and inspection phases, requiring also the adoption of appropriate techniques and skills.
This explains why we not only own our quarries but also the production site where the extracted clays are dried, ground/sieved and inspected before being packed into 25 Kg bags.

Our company has a largest selection of wholesale clays in Europe, enabling us to respond to customers' needs and limitations in terms of: physiochemical properties, bacteriological properties, grading and aesthetic requirements - our clays come in a wide range of colours.

A.B.M. is now a company specialising in the supply of clays for cosmetic, dietetic and pharmaceutical use, and is able to guarantee Laboratories product supplies that correspond exactly with their needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), we will do everything we can to satisfy your requirements.

With our most sincere best regards,
The A.B.M. Team

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